CEREC Porcelain Restoration

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CEREC 3D - Same visit porcelain restorations


Ceramic restorations are the future of dentistry. They are strong, beautiful and the longest-lasting restoration available today. Using CAD-CAM technology and milled chair-side while you wait, this is the ultimate in single-visit restoration of decayed or broken teeth.


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CEREC is next-level dentistry for those who simple want something that will last and at the same time look cosmetically beautiful. These ceramic restorations are done in a single visit, which means:

  1. No messy impressions (or gagging)
  2. No additional anesthetic on a different visit
  3. Do not need temporary restorations that may fall out while the ceramic is being made
  4. Fully inserted and set and as a result, is ready to use straight away

Using the latest CAD-CAM technology and training and expertise in the field of CEREC by Dr. Robert and Dr. Sadia, these restorations will last year after year and most importantly, you will feel confident in the strength to chew what you like without having to worry about breakage.


– Before the appointment, you will have a treatment plan with a quote and information regarding CEREC
– The treatment is re-discussed and process explained
– Fractured or decayed tooth is prepared and cleaned

– Using a 3D in-mouth scanner, the tooth is digitally scanned and a 3D rotating image appears on-screen

– The ceramic restoration is designed in front of you
– Once it is perfectly designed, a ceramic block is placed into the milling unit and matches your colour
– The restoration is then milled while you wait (approximately 7-10 minutes)
– The CEREC restoration is tried in to ensure excellent fit and cosmetics
– It is then prepared, and cemented in place
Your new CEREC restoration is now complete in a single visit

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