Comperehensive Dental Examination

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The Dental Examination


Where all good things begin - The dental examination. Discuss what worries you, understand why your tooth hurts or why your gums bleed when you brush. This comprehensive overview will give you all the information you will need, including all options and an itemised estimate for treatment you may need.

What we look for.

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The Dental Society examination

One of the most comprehensive dental examinations around.

It is our responsibility to provide an examination that you understand. Using photos and technology, you will physically see any issues and understand all options presented and the pros and cons. It is then up to you to decide on the course of treatment that works for you. We are in the business of educating our patients to better care for their own oral health to maintain a beautiful, functional smile for the rest of their lives. Mouth health is body health, dentistry is healthcare, not a sales pitch.


  • Most importantly, meeting the dentist - its a team effort and you must be comfortable with who you are working with
  • Discussion on dental concerns
  • Discussion around any dental anxiety and what concerns you have about visiting a dentist
  • Bitewing and OPG radiographs (examination and full mouth x-rays are taken, if required)
  • Each tooth is examined one-by-one
  • Gums are checked for calculus, inflammation and the degree of gum disease, if any
  • Records are taken and treatment recommendations are called to the assistant
  • Oral cancer screening performed (details look at other soft tissue - cheeks, tongue, roof of mouth etc)
  • In-mouth and extra-oral photos are taken
  • You are then sat up and the outcome is discussed at length, using photos and x-rays (The dentists might even try drawing, we're sorry.)
  • Questions are answered and written information packs given where necessary
  • You are then walked out to our front office and the plan overview discussed and treatment plan presented
  • Appointments can be made if ready or have the opportunity to digest the information prior.
  • If you are still unclear about the treatment or anything for that matter, a follow up appointment to re-discuss the treatment options with the dentist are encouraged and are free. Email and phone contact to discuss concerns/questions are also welcome.

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