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Hygiene & Active Maintenance


One of, if not the most important thing we do at Dental Society. Our hygiene department is the backbone of Dental Society and maintaining a health mouth and subsequently, body. Oral bacteria is found at sites of heart disease, stroke, pregnancy related issues, Alzheimer's and many more body diseases. Reducing oral bacteria, keeping you health and reducing further dental expenses is the name of the game!

Stages of gum disease

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The Dental Society
Hygiene Clean

To us, it is far more important than "just a clean".

The hygiene appointment is one that is not taken lightly. It's not "just a clean" as many other practices may label it. At this appointment, bacterial calculus and tartar is removed from your mouth, but that's not all. "probing depths" among other variables are literally measured and recorded. This allows us to monitor the effectiveness of your active maintenance and adjust oral hygiene advice and recommendations as needed to ensure your mouth and subsequently body, are as healthy as it can be.


  • Meet the hygienist
  • Discuss any issues with gums, bad breath, ulcers as well as anything bothering you
  • We will discuss the purpose of hygiene cleans and what they are meant to achieve
  • Your teeth and gums will then be cleaned
  • Measurements will be recorded to monitor the effectiveness and results of regular hygiene cleans (active maintenance)
  • Professional fluoride application will be applied where required to strengthen teeth
  • You will be given oral hygiene advice that is particular to you
  • Sometimes, we may use a disclosing slution to show you areas you may miss when cleaning at home

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