Sleep Dentistry for Anxious Patients

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Sedation Dentisry Options

For some, dentistry can be scary. It can sometimes drag up memories of bad dental experiences as far back as childhood! For some, it may be a more recent experience. At Dental Society, we aim to create a safe space where you feel, and are, in control of your appointment.

Dr. Robert and Sadia have been trained in the management of dental anxiety and sedation options. They firmly believe that anxiety is reduced with knowledge. When treatment is explained, all cards are on the table and patient fully understands what the appointment will bring and is ready, within themselves to proceed, most patients will come out thinking "that wasn't so bad!".

For those that may require a lot of work (which is unfortunately a common side effect to dental anxiety due to avoidance), or those that are willing to get on top of their dental health but what to "ensure" a good experience... sedation dentistry comes into play, read below!

Don't let anxiety stop you.
Our sedation dentistry options

oral sedation

Oral Sedation (medication)

This is the lightest form of sedation. This involves taking an oral sedative 1 hour prior to your appointment. The aim is to take the edge off, make you relaxed but still well aware of your surroundings. The medication can safely be coupled with relative analgesia (happy gas) if needed on the day. We do ask that somebody is available to drive you home from your appointment.

happy gas

Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas)

Also known as "Happy Gas" is a blend of inhalation sedatives which are placed on you via a nose-piece to deliver the sedative at a constant flow throughout your appointment. This is a great option for lighter treatments or for mild anxieties as it can be cleared from your system within minutes so you can go about your day as normal. RA is also great for children.

sedation dentistry

IV Sedation

A stronger type of anaesthsia administered by a traveling anaesthetist. This is performed in-house. Sometimes called "Twilight sedation" due to the fact you are indeed still "conscious" however will have little to no recollection of any treatment. This type of sedation is for more severe anxieties or more complex treatments which avoid hospital stays and associated fees. Again, we do ask that someone drives you to and from your appointment.

general sedation anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia

We are one of the few dental centres in Adelaide that can offer this form of sedation dentistry. Performed at Central Districts Hospital, this is an "unconscious sedation" where you are completely asleep during treatment. This is reserved for severe anxiety, complex treatment including removal of impacted wisdom teeth and longer appointments whereby the patient would like all of their treatment done in one appointment, no matter how much there is to do! Close to 100% of the time, this is a day surgery procedure and does not involve an overnight stay. From here you will be reviewed at Dental Society in the following days to ensure you are happy with the outcome.