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Cosmetic dentistry, smile design, smile make-over. Different words for the same meaning.
Changing your smile can change your life. Break down barriers you may not have even realised are there. When you truly think about it, your smile is with you everywhere you go. It is the first impression you make and will help portrait who you are, not only what you look like to others. A great smile is an investment that can bring confidence, opportunity, joy and affect your every day life in many positive ways.


cosmetic smile design
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic smile design


Dr. Sadia is the cosmetic queen at Dental Society. Cosmetic smile design is the stuff that makes her tick, it's what she loves to do. Her approach is meticulously planned, checked, criticised, improved and the process repeated and until both her and her patients are excited and can't wait to proceed. The change in her patients, the confidence, the positivity that exudes from a person after obtaining what some may think is unattainable, a beautiful white smile is the driving force of Dr. Sadia's love of cosmetic dentistry.

Sadia Bubnic smile design


Free consultation to assess suitability, outcome and manageable payment options
– Impressions and photo records
– Mock-up complete and tried in your mouth (removable)

– Changes made and new mock-up made

– Try-in number 2.
– Once you are happy with the end result you make an appointment for cosmetic preparations
– Cosmetic preparation appointment
– Temporary veneers/crowns inserted
– Try-in real veneers/crowns - patient final check to ensure you love everything about your new smile
– Only if you are 100% happy - permanently cemented
– Review

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