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Dr. Robs own Invisalign journey - Week 1

Dr. Rob is 1 week down in his Invisalign journey. He discusses what to expect when you start Invisalign, the upsides and the downfalls. Subscribe to follow Dr. Rob on his journey where he is the dentist AND the patient. Get a unique insight into Invisalign - an honest assessment of the process and overall result. Read more about Invisalign

Dr. Rob starts his own Invisalign journey... on himself!

Dr. Rob is starting his own Invisalign journey. This is for people thinking about starting Invisalign - a true and completely honest opinion from the dentist and patient side rolled into one. Read more about Invisalign

It's not "just a clean" - Guided biofilm therapy and EMS Airflow by Dental Society

This is the first part in a series of videos demonstrating Dental Society's method of maintaining the highest level of oral health through technology and a laser focus on systemic (body) health. Here we introduce the concept of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and the latest in hygiene technology, the EMS airflow.

This is now the standard in routine active maintenance at Dental Society.

As the years roll on, more and more evidence comes to light about how the bacteria in the mouth can increase your risk of systemic illness such as heart disease, stroke, pre-term birth defects in pregnant women amongst many other things. This is something that is not taken lightly and because of this, our hygiene department is now the backbone of Dental Society. Find out more about Guided Biofilm Therapy and your scale and clean.

Farewell St Clair MDC. Welcome Dental Society

A heartfelt farewell to St Clair MDC 😢Welcome Dental Society!

Thank you to all our beautiful patients and all your support, along with our incredible team, both past and present who have helped us get to this point. Without each and every one of you collectively this would not have been possible. 💙 On to bigger and better things. For those of you who put your trust in us, we are here to deliver 110%. Here's to striving to always to be better tomorrow than we are today.

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