Fix painful holes with dental fillings at Dental Society

Fast, pain-free dental fillings for a cavity-free smile


Your Dental Society dentist can use a dental filling to fix a cavity (hole), in your tooth. Cavities in your teeth can be caused by tooth decay or if the tooth has been damaged due to trauma. The filling helps to restore the tooth's function, shape, and integrity.

At Dental Society we use the latest in dental technology to find and assess damage to the structure of a tooth during your regular scale and clean.

Types of Tooth Fillings

Various materials can be used to fill a cavity in your tooth. After consulting with your Dental Society dentist, we will find the most suitable solution for you.
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Composite resin

Composite resin is a white or tooth-coloured material. It can be matched to the colour of your other teeth. Composite resin filling material is bonded (glued) to your tooth. A small amount of your old tooth is removed when getting a composite filling. Composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing because they can be matched to the colour of the natural tooth.

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Gold and porcelain fillings

Gold and porcelain are long-lasting fillings. Porcelain fillings can be matched to the colour of your other teeth. Gold fillings are very strong and long-lasting. They are durable and less likely to wear down over time. You may need 2 appointments to get a gold or porcelain filling, as they are made in a dental laboratory, to fit your tooth.

The choice of filling material depends on various factors, including the extent of the tooth damage, the location of the tooth in the mouth, and the patient's preferences. Dentists consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, and cost when recommending a particular type of filling for a patient.

Fast, pain-free dental fillings for a cavity-free smile

Why Choose Dental Society for your tooth fillings?

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Experienced, Friendly Team

With many years of experience in dentistry, our friendly staff will be with you through each stage of your treatment.

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Innovative Technology

You can rest assured that we use the most advanced dental techniques and procedures to ensure shorter treatment times and optimal results.

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Convenient Locations

Located at Dental Society St Clair Village Shopping Centre Shop 11-40 Cheltenham Parade, St Clair SA 5011

What you can expect from dental fillings at Dental Society


After your dentist has performed a preliminary assessment of your situation and determined a filling as the best course of action, you will be booked in for your treatment. Filling treatments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to complete depending on the type of filling chosen and the number of fillings necessary.

If you have opted for a porcelain or gold filling, additional sessions and time may be necessary to accommodate the custom-made mould.


Tooth Filling Procedure

Most of the time, dentists will prepare the treatment area with a numbing agent before a local anaesthetic is applied. This ensures that you won’t experience pain or discomfort from the anaesthetic process.

After the local anaesthetic begins to kick in, your dentist will then proceed to remove any decay from the damaged tooth and seal the area off with the filling material. Afterwards, part of the filling may be filed down to maintain a natural teeth alignment and bite feeling.

Tooth Filling Aftercare

It is usually fine to eat straight after receiving a filling, however, the affected tooth may feel more sensitive when eating sweet, cold or hot foods.

If you receive a deep filling, you may continue to experience pain or discomfort once the anaesthesia wears off. This is normal for the first few days, but you should consult your Dental Society dentist if the feeling persists after a week.

How long a dental filling lasts depends on the material, size, and how well you care for your teeth. Usually, they stay good for 5 to 15 years. But if you take good care and see your dentist regularly, they can last even longer.

Fast, pain-free dental fillings for a cavity-free smile